Volunteers from the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum continue the rebuild and restoration of our Plymouth BL gas mechanical locomotive. Work continued on the new thrust bearings for its axles. Here the material is being cut on our horizontal bandsaw for the bearings for the front axle.

Here is one of the bearings after the surfaces have been machined flat. Since we will not be removing the wheels, this bearing with be cut in half and set screws installed so the bearing can be split in half, placed around the axle and held back together with the set screws.

The bearings have already been installed on the engine’s rear axle as seen here looking down on the top of the wheel. These bearings help to prevent the axles from shifting from side to side.

More progress on the Plymouth can also be seen with the installation of the first of several drive chains. The original chains were frozen solid with rust so new roller chain had to be purchased.

In order to service each axle, the front of the BL has been jacked up and the axle dropped out. New pedestal liners have been installed.

Looking from the inside, it is possible to see the new pedestal liners again. The axle bearings have also been rebuilt.

Along with all of the running gear work, the rack that is used to move the friction drive wheel has been completely rebuilt. This work included machining a brand new main shaft with all of the keyways machined into the shaft so the gears would work properly.