Installed… Our Plymouth BL took a big step with the installation of its custom-built radiator which was recently assembled and leak tested. This is the last major piece of the mechanical restoration required before the Buda engine can be started.

Installed… A little wider angle showing the Buda 4-cylinder gas engine with the radiator behind it.

Another job completed… The BL’s transmission has also been completed. The drive wheel mechanism is shown here. The wheel takes power from the flywheel of the engine and directs it to the chain drive. The direction of the locomotive is determined by which side this wheel is placed in contact with the flywheel. Torque and speed are then adjusted by moving the drive wheel across the flywheel. The BL casting mark can be seen in the spoke of the drive wheel.

Time to work a little on steam… Showing its coal bunker, ex-Brooklyn Navy Yard Vulcan #12 was receiving some cosmetic restoration work in the museum’s restoration building. The museum’s Motive Power Department works on steam projects on the first Saturday of each month. Interested in helping us bring steam back to Rochester? Learn how you can volunteer.

Ready for excavation… With one of the rainiest Septembers on record, the north end of the restoration building awaits a few dry days so more excavation work can be done to remove more dirt which from the right side of the image.

The Pennsy lives… Two former Pennsylvania Railroad pieces await their turn at restoration. The museum’s PRR class B-70nb Railway Post Office Car and PRR N-5C caboose 477822 sit north of the museum’s restoration building. The museum plans to restore both of these pieces to their PRR livery.