With the better weather finally here (although we wish it would stop raining!), it was time to undertake some trackwork in the Industry yard including tie replacement and the re-installation of the bumper on the end of track #3 in the yard. And while that was going on, a little restoration was also taking place on the cab of R&GE 1941. The control stand was getting some cosmetic attention. Sadly, I had to head home at 1PM and missed the spring startup of Fairbanks-Morse USA 1843 which roared backed to life for another operating season at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum so there are no pics of that.

Rochester Chapter NRHS President, Jeremy Tuke, takes a cut at preparing a new rail needed for the installation of the bumper on track #3 in the Industry yard.

Almost through…

At the other end of track #3, several ties were being replaced. Here four of the museum volunteers insert a new tie.

Since a fair amount of the ballast around the museum was recovered from old railroad right-of-ways, it includes a fair amount of dirt and stone. To be able to recover the stone to be re-used while removing the dirt, this ballast screener was put together by one of our volunteers. The dirt goes through and the ballast heads into the bucket!

The two new ties are in place and ballast is being tamped into place.

Some new paint, a rebuilt cab heater and brake system, and a new seat waiting to be uncovered are the start of the restoration of the cab of the museum’s 45-tonner,
Rochester Gas & Electric #1941.