With Switch #5 back in service after another day of tamping and leveling, it was time to take out our former U.S. Military 80-tonner R&GV #1654 for a test run. This loco was heavily damaged when it was shipped to us and a settlement was never reached that would allow repairs to be made. Thus, museum volunteers figured out how to make the engine function on one traction motor per truck; the other two traction motors and gear boxes were destroyed in shipping. The hope is someday the museum will be able to repair the damage, however, this modification gives us an engine that can move on its own The test run was successful and the plan is to operate the loco for the Rochester Chapter NRHS’s monthly membership meeting on Thursday, June 19. Visitors are welcome.
R&GV #1654 at Reid’s Crossing along the museum’s demonstration railroad.

R&GV #1654 meets U.S. Army #1843.