Remember those warm spring days we had last week? What started as a nice warm Spring day became rather chilly just around lunchtime, however, it did not stop the work around the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum for the day. Take a look at some of the pics of just a few of the day’s activities…
Facing of the cabinets continued in BR&P caboose #280 including the repair of the cupola seat back on the opposite side of the caboose.

The better weather has allowed some of our trackwork to start-up again. Here we see the our nearly rebuilt spring frog which goes between Track #4 and Track #5 in the Industry yard. The frog required extensive rebuilding including re-riveting and bottom plate back together and the installation of all new bolts.

This picture gives you another look at the frog and where it will be re-installed. You are looking north up Track #5. Just beyond the small ballast pile where the rail ends is where the frog will be re-installed. To allow for operations, a piece of rail has replaced the frog directly connecting Track #4 to the mainline. In the background is the museum’s Fairbanks-Morse H12-44 #1843.

Work is underway to restore our New York Central crossing guard shanty. All of the paint has been removed and some of the pieces like the window shutters have been sanded and primed. The shanty is getting a rebuilt roof and a new floor amongst other items. The shanty will eventually be painted in two-tone green. Currently we are researching whether the building would have had a cedar shingle or asphalt shingle roof when it was constructed. Can you help?