This past Saturday, it was time to get two machines started and tested. First, our Fairmont tie extractor was given some attention to its hydraulic system so it was time to start it up and try it out. Of course, this was a little harder than it seemed since the machine had not been starting in some time AND someone “borrowed” the starter for another engine at the museum. Since the motor can be rope started, one of our volunteers lent his pulling ability to starting the engine. After many tries, success was had and the unit was successfully tested.

Museum volunteer John Redden sets to attempt to pull start our tie extractor. While success was not achieved on the first pull, the engine was successfully started several pulls later.

With its batteries in place and hooked up and all the engine’s systems checked out, it was time to let Eastman Kodak #6 stretch it legs for the first time in a few months. Locomotive EK 6 prepares to depart from Track #4 after having new batteries installed and all systems checked out.

EK#6 passes RG&E #1941 which is receiving both cosmetic and mechanical attention in the Industry yard. We hope to have pics of its test runs very soon.

We find Rochester Chapter NRHS President Jeremy Tuke at the throttle. This was a little more fun job then his lawn mowing detail of the previous weekend.