Work on Rochester Gas & Electric GE 45-tonner #1941 continues with some nicer late winter weather.   The locomotive has been waiting to have new exhaust stack bowls welded into the engine hoods.   The R&GVRRM decided to fabricate and install new bowls as the originals were showing heavy decay.   The bowls hold the exhaust stacks and exhaust connection to the prime movers.  
On Saturday, March 6th, the new bowls were welded into place.   Here are some images of the work underway in the museum’s restoration shop.     The museum’s goal is to have the #1941 fully painted and fully operational by mid-summer 2010.
  Working away on the north engine hood as seen through the cab.  Currently all of the engine cab windows are removed as new windows will be professionally installed as part of the engine’s restoration.
A newly fabricated exhaust bowl sits on the south engine hood as it waits its turn to be installed.
The original exhaust bowl inside the south engine hood.  This was carefully cut out and the new bowl installed in its place.  The pipe connects the exhaust stack on the outside to the engine exhaust manifold.