On Tuesday evening, June 8, 2010, while other work was taking place around the museum, our Motive Power Department started RG&E #1941, one of our two GE 45-tonners and moved it out of the shop to get the start of a thorough bath.   The locomotive has been under mechanical restoration in the museum’s shop for several years, and the mechanical work has been completed.   Now the museum is turning its attention to the cosmetic restoration, a portion of which is being sponsored by a grant from the Amherst Railway Society.    With the museum cut over to its well-fed water system, a new water spigot is finally available at the museum’s restoration building, and Motive Power Superintendent, Joe Nugent, put it to good use by starting to wash #1941 down as the first steps to getting the engine painted this summer.

#1941 basks in the evening sun.  The locomotive cosmetic restoration was started, but halted when the museum learned one of the prime movers had to be rebuilt.  That work and more has been completed and now the final paint can be applied.   When done, the engine will pretty much look like it does here.
Motive Power Superintendent & RG&E #1941 Project Manager, Joe Nugent, begins the process of cleaning the engine so the paint work can take place.