With yet another nice sunny and rather warm Saturday for early December and with ex-Rochester Gas & Electric #1941 just washed last
Tuesday evening to remove a layer of dust off of the new paint, the decision was an easy one to bring it back out of
the shop for a few pictures in its all new paint and lettering. So
here it is! We still have some more small details to complete in the
cab and a little fine tuning on one engine governor.   The ‘to do’ list keeps shrinking and then growing just a little as
we fall prey to “While we are at it” syndrome, but overall, the majority
of the work is complete. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to
both the mechanical and cosmetic work!!!   It has been a real team effort.

Please enjoy these images of the engine  along with a YouTube video of #1941 coming in and out of the shop the Tuesday evening before.   All images – C.R. Hauf

And then back into the shop…