After some hard work and real determination, the R&GVRRM has phase three of our west siding project ready for track to be installed.   In just over two weeks, the museum brought the next 150+ feet to grade and have stone spread, leveled and rolled in preparation for ties to be put in place.

Ready for track…  The R&GVRRM has the next phase of the siding west of the LA&L ready for track.   The stone that is ready for track can be seen in the center of the image.  Compare this to this panormic image which was taken just a week ago and taken just to the other side of the Cat bulldozer to the left of this image.
 Close up of the newly spread and rolled sub-ballast.
Once the track for phase three is in place, the R&GVRRM will have just over 600 feet of siding that is going to need to be ballasted, tamped, and leveled.    This is going to require a significant investment in ballast.  The museum is going to need 300+ TONS of stone to complete the job.    On the heels of our very successful Partners in Panels fundraiser which was successfully completed, we are starting a new fundraiser called Donate-A-Ton to help raise the funds needed to purchase the ballast needed.
For every $20.00 you donate, the museum can buy one of the three hundred tons of ballast we need.  Where else can you donate $20 and know you have purchased a TON of material.    Every ton helps so please consider donating $20 or more! 

Donations can be made online via the Donate button on our Support page.   Donations can also be made by mail.   Checks should be made out to the Rochester Chapter NRHS and mailed to: Rochester Chapter NRHS, Attn: Adopt-A-Ton, P.O. Box 23326, Rochester, NY 14692-3326.   Donations to the Rochester Chapter NRHS and its Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Please helps us fill our cars full of the ballast we need.   Thanks!