Starting up LV 211 – Dick Holbert and Mike Dow connect the cables to jump start LV 211, an Alco RS3m.

Keep on Truckin’ – Museum construction forces continue to dig and move dirt from the hill north of the restoration building to the south side of the building to extend our trackage as part of our Big Dig project.

Loadin’ Up – Scott Gleason runs the backhoe as Dan Waterstraat, Joe Scanlon, and Charlie Harshbarger deliver the dirt to the south side of the building.

Heavy Metal – Charlie Harshbarger positions his dump truck for loading as Scott Gleason takes a bite out of the hill with the backhoe.

Restoration on the Horizon – The museum’s restoration building is visible in the background as dirt is loaded into dumptrucks for relocation. This area will eventually accommodate new trackage to connect the building to the rest of the railroad.

Bulldozin’ – After trucks dump their load, bulldozers work to spread the dirt in preparation for grading.

Workin’ on the USA 1843 – Norm Shaddick strikes a pose while working under the hood on USA 1843, the museum’s Fairbanks-Morse H12-44, the only operating example in the state.

Power Tamping – Randy Bogucki enjoys tamping with a recently refurbished jackhammer fitted with a tamping bit. He and the track gang have been working diligently to maintain the track in Industry Yard recently.

Power Tamping – Chris Stilson, President of the RIT Model Railroad Club, works to tamp some new stone at Switch 4 in Industry Yard.