With continued work during just about every museum work session and beyond, we are pleased to report that the last major repainting step on the exterior restoration of ex-Rochester Gas & Electric #1941 was completed today with the repainting of the undercarriage.   With the fresh green and yellow masked with plastic to protect it, the undercarriage black paint was renewed today.   The engine is seen here early in the evening with the black complete.   Just after the photo was taken, the engine was shoved back into the shop by the museum’s Trackmobile.   We hope the next time it leaves the shop it will do so under its own power with its exterior paint complete.

There is still some work to do.  We have some newly fabricated sliding cab window frames we need to paint and have glazed.  We need to unmask the engine.  We also have to reinstall the south switching steps, fit the wooden backer boards on the steps, paint, and install them.    And just a few other details like adding the RG&E decals to the sides.   We should be able to get a good start during the Tuesday evening, 9.26.2011 work session, and hopefully wrap it up over the next few work sessions.  The end is near!   We also always welcome new hands to help us and visitors are always welcome in the shop to see the progress.   We are also planning a night photo session with the engine when it is complete, and we will have details posted here and on our R&GVRRM Facebook page.