Prepping for Diesel Days… To get ready for Diesel Days, the operating department of the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum switched out the new restoration building yard to get the necessary equipment lined up for Diesel Days. The first moves of the day utilized the Museum’s Fairbanks-Morse H12-44 #1843 to drill out cars on Track 6. Here #1843 starts its day on Track 8 coupled to ALCO S-4 Nickel Plate Road #79.

Fired up, #1843 pulls out of Track 8 past Eastman Kodak Company #6, one of the museum’s two General Electric 80-tonners.

Back into siding #6, #1843 is coupled to the first cut of cars to be moved.

Having pulled out siding #6, the F-M shoves hard up into siding #8 to drop off the R&GVRRM ex-Conrail nee-New York Central Pullman PS-4 flatcar #506102 before heading back to siding #6 for the next move.

One of the main reasons for drilling out the upper yard was to get out the R&GVRRM’s Alco RS-1, Eastman Kodak Company #9. The RS-1 had been stranded on a disconnected portion of siding #6 for nearly three years. Its return to operation on the museum’s railroad was made possible by the construction of the new year earlier this year. Here #9 is seen at the end of the morning’s switching parked over on Track 8 and ready to go for Diesel Days.