While we continue to work on prepping the upper walls, ceiling and baggage racks for repainting inside NYC #2567, our restoration team is also spending some time working on some smaller details in the restoration of the car.   One project is the in-place restoration of the cove lights in the south end of the car.   While the cove lights at the north end of the car have been removed for restoration and installation of new internal light fixtures, it was determined that it would be easier to leave the south end lights in place; removing only the internal light fixtures for rebuilding.  

One of the steps in the restoration process was to repaint the interiors of the fixtures shells white; returning them to their original state.   To make this happen, that portion of the car was cordoned off with plastic sheeting and with the car pre-heated, the fixtures were masked and painted.   Here are some before & after photographs of the painting progress achieved during the Tuesday evening work session on November 30th.