On April 3rd, 2010, R&GV RR Museum volunteers installed an 8×10 wooden building that will soon house the chlorination treatment equipment required for our new well water connection. This building and foundation were primarily designed by member Bob Mader, and the building constructed and delivered by Wood-Tex of Himrod, NY.   The building will need to be finished with interior insulation and walls, a secure steel door and interior flooring.  After that, our contractor, Aqua Source, will install the chlorination equipment and well pump.  We are hoping to have our new water connection ready for inspection by the County Health Department by early May.
New Member Chad Timothy begins the excavation of the foundation and trenching for new water treatment building near the museum’s restoration building.
The building is in place on the foundation after being craned into position using the museum’s ex-US Military 5-ton wrecker.
 The building sits on Tuesday evening April 6th with its door and windows installed.