With a nice day, a lot of progress was made around the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum. Our Fairmont track crane restoration project drew even closer to completion as museum volunteers Chris Hauf and Jeremy Tuke installed its new wood deck. All that remains now is a little paint touch-up and a good greasing. Then the crane can return to service. Chris was even able to sneak some work in on the BR&P caboose interior; assembling the frame of the new bench in the one end of the caboose and adding two wood pieces to the cupola cabinet walls. These pieces were seen in an un-modified BR&P caboose and held three marker brackets. So we decided to add them, plus they add strength to our cupola wall patches seen in previous news items. Track work on Switch #5. Ballast cleaning and tie replacement “the old fashioned way” were the order of the day Please take a look at some of the pics of the day’s activities.
Fairmont track crane with new deck. This little crane is a valuable tool for our track crews.

BR&P 280 had its replacement bench frame put together. The original was removed in the 1960’s rebuilding by the B&O.