East side wall of NYC #2567 with its eight new wall panels & new trim/sills installed.

The crew working on the interior of New York Central Empire State Express coach #2567 has made much more progress in the past week including:

  • Completed the installation of a total of eight lower wall panels (64 feet worth) with only 1.5 panels left to complete the east side of the car.
  • Fitting of six new window sills.
  • Fitting of twenty four feet of trim along the window sills at the intersection of the new lower panels and the middle panels.
  • Tapping completed on the west side of the car for the installation of eight lower panels with tapping only left for 1.5 panels to complete the west side.
  • Fitting of the first panel on the west side.

Work will continue on the car during both the museum’s Tuesday and Saturday work sessions.   Upcoming work will include upper wall repair and some additional clean-out of the car to make room for paint preparation prior to a total interior repaint.   Help is always welcome!

Additionally, we have been successful in finding partners for eight of the sixteeen panels we need to raise the necessary funds to complete this project.   Would you help us by being one of the last eight partners we need?   Click here to donate.