The newest addition to our museum’s historic fleet of railroad equipment was moved into the Restoration Shop on Sunday, January 15, thanks to the hard work and dedication of many museum volunteers as we rearranged the location of many pieces on our railroad. Lehigh Valley caboose 95100 was built in 1941, and served through the Conrail era. Purchased by a private individual, it was moved to Manchester, New York, in 2005. In 2011, the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum rescued this historic car from a local scrap yard, thanks to generous donations by individuals and volunteers, and thoughtful cooperation from the scrapper. The car was trucked to our museum in October 2011, and the brakes were repaired in November to allow for safe movement up to our shop.

This caboose is a significant addition to our collection of railroad equipment that is relevant to Rochester’s railroading history, as the LV served the city directly with a branch line that terminated at Court Street (now home to well-known Dinosaur BBQ restaurant). It is our goal to restore this car to its mid-1970s appearance as an example of a Lehigh Valley caboose, to pair with our perserved LV RS-3m 211. The car will be restored through volunteer labor. We will be depending entirely on outside donations in order to complete the work. Please visit to help us return this car to the rails!

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—Photo by Joseph R. Nugent