With Lehigh Valley Railroad caboose #95100 now in the R&GVRRM shop, we thought we would share some pre-restoration photos of the interior of the caboose shot from our first work session on the car during our Tuesday, January 18, 2012 evening volunteer session.   The car is remarkably complete inside and is in good shape overall.   There are some missing parts and fixtures which we will need to replicate and construct, but it is nothing we can’t handle or haven’t tackled already on other projects.   It will also need all new windows, and all new paint.

We also have lots of questions about the caboose.  We are searching for information and photos of the interior and exterior to help aid us in doing the restoration right.   Please contact us if you have something you can share with us.   You can also visit us on Facebook and post right to our wall.

Here are some additional photos with have posted to our R&GVRRM Flickr site.