Starting NKP 79 – John Redden works under the hood to prepare for startup at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum.

Starting NKP 79 – John Redden cleans out the traction motors.

Starting NKP 79 – John Redden and Ron Amberger add oil to the pump to pre-lube the engine.

Starting NKP 79 – Jim Johnson inspects the generator and other electrical gear.

The Big Dig Continues – The museum’s Cat D7 bulldozer stands at the ready as construction forces prepare to excavate more dirt from the hill near the restoration building.

The Big Dig Continues – The museum’s mighty scraper harvests huge chunks of dirt at a time. Joe Scanlon pushes from behind to help the scraper take a bite.

The Big Dig Continues – After the scraper departs for the south end of the restoration building, Joe Scanlon moves some dirt into the hole to provide a good plane for the scraper’s next run.

The Big Dig Continues – Here’s the scraping operation from the opposite angle.

The Big Dig Continues – Here, you can see how much dirt the scraper actually picks up each time.

Handrail Stanchion Repair – Mike Dow repairs a damaged handrail stanchion bolt on LV 211.