This simply can not be a reality. A week’s worth of sunshine in April, in Rochester? Well, that is where we found ourselves today and the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum’s volunteers took full advantage of it. Here are some pictures of the day’s operations.

It was back into the dirt with our big Cat D7 which is seen here doing some preliminary work to get us ready for more earthmoving very soon so we can start the installation of the track to our restoration building.

This is where the track will go. You can still see some of the dirt to move to the left and the siding to the right with Alco RS-1 EK#9 on it which will be realigned when the new switch is installed just behind the photographer.

Shot from the front of EK#9, a few track lengths ahead will be where the restoration building lead switch will be installed.

A different view from on top of some of the dirt still to be moved of the siding where the switch will be installed. Our mainline is seen in the background.

EK#9 sits with our NYC flat car which was brought down from NYMT last weekend. Check out the pictures below.

Here is a shot of the north end of our restoration building where the track will be installed. Some additional heavy equipment was being moved out of the way to help facilitate the installation.

Meanwhile, another crew just brought in our new to us heavy drill press which we purchased from a local machine shop which had purchased the machine new during World War II. This drill press will be added to our machine shop and should handle just about any drilling task we can dream up. We hope to start getting it setup in the coming few weeks.