Seems like you never know what the weather is going to be like here in Western New York. Spring tried to make a re-appearance today and the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum’s volunteers took advantage of it. Take a look at some of the pics of just a few of the day’s activities…

Facing of the cabinets continued in BR&P caboose #280.

The frog work continued as the final four rivets were being install prior to being heated and “bucked” to tighten them up.

As the frog work continued, other museum volunteers worked on cleaning out ballast around some of the switch timbers so they can be pulled out and replaced with new timbers.

NYC crossing shanty paint prep work continued. Here museum volunteer, Dale Hartnett, finishes stripping the paint on one of the six sides of the crossing shanty. The shanty is getting a rebuilt roof and a new floor amongst other items. The shanty will eventually be painted in two-tone green. Currently we are researching whether the building would have had a cedar shingle or asphalt shingle roof when it was constructed. Can you help?

A nice lunch time diversion. Museum member Chris Hausler brought out part of his telegraph equipment collection to show the volunteers. A variety of equipment was demonstrated including a key controlled by the computer laptop. The demo was very cool!