Industry Yard was a flurry of activity this past weekend as we get ready for our Opening Day on May 19! Volunteers were out in force working on track, trains, and other items around the museum. Follow our Facebook fan page and stay up to date on our progress! Want to lend a hand? We’re always looking for new volunteers! Photos by Otto Vondrak.

Volunteers Ryan Bailly, Dave Scheiderich, and Mike Walsh do a little track work at Switch 5.

crew was out getting our rare Fairbanks-Morse diesel ready for the upcoming operating season. That’s a pre-lube pump they’re using.

Volunteer Dave Peet scrapes paint off the depot and prepares the surfaces for sanding and priming.

Brakeman James Otto keeps an eye on the train while conductor Dave Scheiderich communicates with the engineer via radio to safely spot the train in Industry Yard.