In 1941, the New York Central was preparing to re-launch its Empire State Express passenger train in its golden anniversary year.    Print advertising was critical to getting the word out about how this already famous train was about to become the “World’s Newest and Finest Streamliner” when it was re-equipped with all new Budd built stainless steel passenger cars.   A sample of the advertising is shown to the left.   It is interesting to see the different points they used to sell the train including, “…historic murals and fluorescent lighting beautify its spacious parlor cars and coaches…”.    The Empire was relaunched on December 7, 1941.     
The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum is proud to have preserved seven of the cars from the original 1941 Empire State Express.   The R&GVRRM has six coaches and one of the two Railway Post Office cars.   The cars are currently located at the R&GVRRM with work underway across all of the cars including the replacement of all of the window glazing; a job that was recently completed with the window modules completely rebuilt in the five in service coaches.   Additionally, NYC #2567 is currently in the museum’s restoration shop receiving restoration work on both the interior and exterior.