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Built by General Electric in 1967 as a demonstrator unit for its new line of 110-ton industrial diesel switchers, this locomotive came to Rochester Gas & Electric in 1991 after a stint at Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum in Lenox, Mass. The locomotive was used to move coal cars around the RG&E Russel Generating Station in Charlotte. When the power plant closed in 2007, the locomotive was donated to our museum. It arrived in working condition, but soon after arrival we realized it needed some repairs to become a regular reliable runner.

RG&E 8

Much work has taken place since then, including installation of new air reservoir tanks and plumbing for the brake system, a new easier to operate hand brake, and complete disassemble and stripping of the operating cab. After several years of intense volunteer work, we are slowly reassembling the locomotive and getting ready for our first test-fire in many years. You donations in any amount will help offset the cost of repairing the equipment access doors, rewiring the electrical cabinet, making repairs to the No. 1 diesel, as well as new paint. This is an active volunteer project that needs your help to finish!

Donate to RG&E 8

The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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