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Built in 1930 by American Car & Foundry for the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, this steel heavyweight baggage car served the railroad through the Erie Lackawanna era and into Conrail before it was retired from work train service in 1985 and brought to our museum. It was partially repainted into its earlier Pullman Green paint scheme in an effort to backdate it to DL&W 2078.

Erie Lackawanna 465

Serving as important exhibit space for the last 30 years, this car In 2019, the roof was sandblasted, primed, and painted by professional contractors as the first step toward restoring this car. Additional body repairs will be made before the car is returned to its gray-and-maroon appearance as Erie Lackawanna 465. This restoration will not only ensure the car’s survival, but also maintain its use as an important exhibit space for our museum.

Erie Lackawanna Baggage Car

We will restore our baggage car in gray and maroon colors.

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