Just across from where the Buda engine continues to be worked on in our restoration shop is the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum’s former Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh caboose #280. This caboose was the first piece in the museum’s collection; coming to the museum in the late 1970’s only to restored soon after its arrival to one of its B&O paint schemes. Many years of being outdoors had taken their toll on the 280, so it was decided to bring the caboose into our restoration shop for a major cosmetic restoration including new wood siding on one side (one side has already been done a few years earlier), new wood on the part of the roof, a new roof, and the return of the caboose to its BR&P configuration/paint scheme. Work this weekend included the facing of the interior cabinets with new 5/16″ tongue & groove wood. The original cabinets were made of t&g wood. When the B&O shopped the caboose in the 1960’s, the cabinets were replaced in the same configuration as the BR&P, but were rebuilt using plywood. Since they are in good condition, we decided to simply face them to make them look like the originals. Stop back soon for more updates on the restoration of BR&P 280. As always, we are always looking for any information that might help us with our restoration including diagrams, drawings, photos, color info, and etc. Please drop us an email if you have something to share.
New facing on the interior cabinetry of BR&P caboose #280, which will help backdate its appearance to the 1930s.

B&O C-2631 (BR&P 280) as delivered to Industry in the late 1970’s. The B&O took over the BR&P in 1932 and classed these cabooses as I-10.

B&O C-2631 received its first restoration by museum volunteer Curt Boyer not long after it was delivered. Curt is shown here with the C-2631. Curt is no longer with us, but his spirit for the 2631/280 lives on with us today.