For the second weekend in a row, the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum continued its excavation north of its Restoration Building to bring the ground in front of the building to the level of the building. Unlike Week #1 where the museum had the donated use of a hydraulic excavator, this day the museum used only equipment from its own Historic Construction Equipment collection.

The museum’s Cat D7 waits for the pan to return to give it a push with the museum’s yard crane working in the back moving rail parts out of the way of the excavation.

The Cat D-8 and its tractor pan take its first pass of the day.

The results from the pan.

Museum volunteer Jeremy Tuke checks the fuel level on the D-8.

Fill ‘er up! Museum volunteers, John McDonald (left) and Dave Luca (right) help pump diesel fuel into the Cat D-8 tractor.

Pumping up a tire on the museum’s tractor pan.

View of the north end of the building from the top of the dirt still to be excavated.

Moving to the next spot.

Museum Construction Superintendent Joe Scanlon runs the Bay City 65 dragline.

Dumping the first load from the dragline.

And another load…

Filling the truck up!