With a fresh delivery of over forty tons of ballast, the R&GVRRM’s heavy equipment crews went to work with the museum’s backhoe and front loader to help the track department place the new ballast on to the recently completed extension of the west passenger car siding.   Once the ballast is place, the track will be leveled and tamped preparing it for service later this Fall.   Here are some photos from today’s, 9.17.2011, work in placing the ballast.


To help the museum continue to make progress on the siding and to help defray the cost of the ballast, please consider giving to the museum’s Donate-A-Ton fundraiser.   A $20 donation pays for a TON of ballast.  We have already had 150 tons donated, but we are looking for donors for the other 150 tons we have or need to purchase.   Can we please put your name next to one of more of those tons?   More information and the ability to donate online is available on our website here.