The ballasting of the new siding west of the Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad has continued in earnest.   Two new developments have taken place.   A new access road constructed from road millings from a local highway paving project has been constructed next to a portion of the east side of the siding.   This will give a solid surface for vehicles to access the cars to eventually be parked on the siding.

 The new road to the east of the siding.   Some finishing work still needs to be done on the road, but it is nearly complete here.

The museum has also moved its ex-Kodak Park Railroad Jackson tamper over to the siding to help in the tamping and leveling.   In the past two weeks, a little under one hundred additional feet of siding were being ballasted and leveled.    The crew has been working from the south to the north toward the switch in the LA&L main.

  The museum’s Jackson tamper sits on a recently ballasted and leveled portion of the siding.  A new road has been installed to the east of the siding using road millings from a paving project on a local highway.

A view from the tamper (left) of the newly ballasted portion of the siding along with a close-up of the work (right).
 Looking south to where the recent progress has ended.   There is much more work to do!
To that end, we still need more help to purchase more ballast for our siding.   We still have several hundred feet to the north to ballast and level along with a little over a hundred feet to the south to ballast and leveled.   So would you please Donate-A-Ton?   A $20 donation buys a ton of stone.   We have had 61 tons of our 300 ton goal donated so far.   Information on donating online and by mail is available on the museum Support page on our website.