When warm weather comes to Western New York, we take advantage of it! With warmer temps again, work continued around the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum in earnest. Take a look at some of the pics of just a few of the day’s activities…
Facing of the cabinets continued in BR&P caboose #280 including the repair of the cupola seat back which is now covered with new facing. This view will someday include the caboose’s coal bunker (against the wall) and coal stove.

With the better weather at hand and after receiving new support struts and a rebuilt foot brake, our Fairmont track crane received a new coat of paint. Hover over the image to see the results.

The exhaust/intake manifold for our Buda engine for our Plymouth BL continues to get new flanges brazed into place by Kevin Klees. Notice the now machined flange at the front of the manifold which was brazed in place last week.