It takes a lot of volunteer work to keep the trains running at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum. Many of our volunteers work behind the scenes in our Restoration Shop keeping our equipment in top shape. There are some projects that seem to take on a life of their own, due to any number of factors. Locomotive restorations are no different. When our General Electric 45-tonner entered the shop more than 10 years ago, no one knew what to expect once the engine was disassembled and inspected. Further challenges ensued when one team picked up where the last one left off and the time came for reassembly. In the January issue of Railfan & Railroad magazine, Motive Power Superintendent Joe Nugent pens a guest column describing the process of the last few years as we work to get RG&E 1941 back on the road. The article is a nice little promotion for our museum that lends some insight into the world of preservation that our visitors might not ordinarily see! The article also features photos by Joe and volunteer Chris Hauf. Find it at the newsstand or your favorite hobby shop!