First new wall panel installed in NYC #2567
On Tuesday evening, March 23, 2010, the first new wall panel was installed in ex-New York Central Empire State Express coach #2567.    The upper portion of the panel was fastened while the lower portion still needs to be fastened.   Once the panels are installed, a trim piece will be installed that will cover the window sills and the interface between the lower panels and the filler panels between the windows. 
To complete the lower wall installation, the R&GVRRM needs to purchase sixteen sheets of material.  We are looking for a few Partners in Panels.

As a part of our 2010 Annual Fundraising campaign, we are starting a new fundraiser called Partners in Panels to aid in the interior restoration of ex-New York Central Empire State Express coach #2567.   We have been actively working on the interior of the car over the past several months in the museums restoration building.  A portion of the work includes the total replacement of the lower interior wall panels on both sides of the car which had been damaged by some water infiltration and simple wear & tear from forty plus years of service.   
The wall panel material we are using comes to us in 4′ by 8′ sheets and at a cost of $75.00 per sheet.   We are going to need 16 sheets to complete the job.   Therefore, we are looking for 16 people to donate $75.00 each to help us purchase the sheets of material that will make up the wall panels.    Donations can be made online at the museum website or you may send your donation to:   Partners in Panels, Rochester Chapter NRHS, P.O. Box 23326, Rochester, NY 14692-3326.    Checks should be made out to the Rochester Chapter NRHS.   Donations to the Rochester Chapter NRHS and its Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. 

Would you please help us raise the funds to purchase the material we need to complete this phase of NYC #2567s restoration in the coming months?   Our current goal is to have the money raised for the panels by April 15th since we want to have the interior restored and display ready for the museum by July 1st.   

We want to thank you again for your continued support and for becoming one of our Partners in Panels!