The museum and railroad is operated solely by volunteers of all ages.

Museum Mgr.

Mark Wilczek - 585-721-1377

Volunteer Mgr.

Jim Ziobro - 585-737-8875

Work Sessions


  • Afternoon / Evening session starts around 2:00 PM
  • An informal evening dinner (pizza or a cookout) usually caps off the end of the work session year round.


  • Morning session starts around 7:30 AM
  • Volunteers typically place a group lunch order that arrives around 12:00PM
  • Afternoon session begins around 1:00 PM

We need your help!

The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum welcomes anyone interested in volunteering for our museum. We have lots of different things to do for any skill level or skill set.

Museum Operations

Tour Guides and Car Hosts

  • Open Industry Depot and Industry Yard exhibits
  • Greet visitors as they arrive at Industry Yard
  • Lead tours of Industry Depot and Industry Yard
  • Engage visitors while riding museum trains and excursions

Railroad Operations

  • Operate locomotives, trolleys, and track cars
  • Switch and position railroad equipment
  • Plan railroad activities
  • Provide training

Restoration and Motive Power

  • Rebuild, repair, and maintain diesel engines
  • Perform cosmetic and mechanical restoration and maintenance on locomotives and rail cars


  • Build new track
  • Inspect existing track
  • Install and replace ties and rail
  • Maintain ballast and roadbed

Communication, Signals, and Power

  • Electrical engineering and design
  • Wayside signal maintenance
  • High voltage power systems
  • Radios and electronics


  • Operate and maintain heavy construction equipment
  • Prepare and maintain railroad right-of-way
  • Support other museum activities

Other Activities

Marketing & Publicity

  • Promote museum at area train shows
  • Write press releases
  • Provide graphic design, web design, and other creative services


  • Write grants
  • Establish partnerships with local businesses and groups
  • Solicit in-kind donations

Safety Gear

If you don't have one or all of these or forget yours, we have extras you can use for the day.


Work gloves, safety glasses, and hard hats are required for some areas and jobs at the museum.


While not required, sturdy work boots (steel toe preferred) are preferred when working around the museum.


You are going to get DIRTY! If you are planning to do maintenance or restoration, old clothes are a must.

Ear Protection

Ear plugs are available from the museum at both Industry Depot and the restoration building.


We encourage all of our volunteers to join the museum, and we welcome anyone interested to come on out and give things a try before joining!

Get Started

Ready to start volunteering? Simply come out during one of our regularly scheduled work sessions or contact us to get started!