In another great show of teamwork and after several months of hard work clearing and excavating the area for phase two of the installation of the siding west of the Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad, the volunteers of the R&GVRRM got to work installing the track for the second phase of the siding.   By the end of the work day, 400 feet of ties were dropped and spaced on to the newly graded land.  Additionally, 150+ feet of rail was placed with nearly 90 feet spiked completely on the east rail and at every other tie on the west.  There is much more work to do and hopefully the weather will continue in the museum’s favor.

In the meantime, please enjoy a slide show of the work done on 11/21/2009 along with some pictures of the results taken on 11/22/2009.   And if you like what you see, please consider lending a hand or consider a donation to allow us to purchase all of the stone we need to complete this phase of the siding.