The exhaust bowl replacement project spilled over into a second Saturday volunteer work session since extra time was needed to position the new south bowl for welding once the old bowl was removed.   With the new bowl in position, the welding commenced and within an hour, the welding was complete.  With a little grinding to dress the welds and the repainting of the second stack and the exhaust bowls, the locomotive will be ready to have its exhaust stacks reinstalled with all newly fabricated gaskets so the prime movers can be started again.

Once the engines are checked out, the engine will be powerwashed, prepped and finish painted.   It will also have all new window glass professionally installed.   The cosmetic work is partially funded through generous grants from the Amherst Railway Society.

More pictures of the last welding session can be seen in this Flickr slide show from the R&GVRRM’s Flickr site.