The team working on the interior restoration of ex-New York Central Empire State Express coach #2567 continues to make progress on the car.  The interior walls from the windows down have seen their last coat of new paint.   The south end walls were also completed and some of the details started to see paint including the cover for the toilet tank, the electrical locker, and the bump out that held the water cooler.    More paint preparation is underway so the area above the windows and the ceiling can be painted.   This includes sanding and seam sealing.    Our “window team” has been removing the windows, prepping and painting the openings, and now has four of the windows permanently installed.    Work continues both Tuesdays and Saturdays.   New hands are always welcome! 

 New paint including the window openings and four permanently installed windows!
New paint at the north end as well with the water cooler bump out, electrical locker, and toilet retention tank cover getting their first coats of paint.