A significant milestone was reached during the September 21, 2010, evening work session.   The first coat of finish paint was applied to the new lower walls of ex-New York Central Empire State Express coach #2567.   Nearly two years into the interior restoration, this marked the start of the end of the work as the finish painting has begun.   While there remains some prep work on the upper walls, the museum hopes to complete that and complete the entire interior painting of the car within the months of September and October.   Updates will be posted here and on the museum’s Facebook site.  New hands to help paint are also always welcome!   Here are some pictures of the results from last Tuesday evening.

The first coat of finish paint has been applied to the new lower walls of NYC #2567

The first coat has been applied.  This color will be applied throughout the car and is a close match to what we believe was the original 1941 as built interior paint color.
Looking from north to south.
The car is equipped with a Microphor toilet system.  The retention tank also received a fresh coat of paint during the work session to protect it.  When the car is complete, this tank is hidden behind a sheet metal cover painted the same color as the car.
All photographs by: Christopher R. Hauf   9.21.2010