Volunteers Rob Platt and Mike Walsh were busy packing up and cleaning up workbench areas inside our Restoration Shop. Eventually this whole wall will need to be cleared to make way for new construction inside the shop.

 Museum manager Dave Scheiderich and museum president Mike Dow greased our mechanical Tamper the other day so it would be ready to help complete a track repair project near Reid’s Crossing.

 Mike Dow used our museum’s backhoe to realign a section of track near Reid’s Crossing, with the help of Dave Scheiderich as a spotter. The area was backfilled with ballast and tamped to help repair the alignment through this section.

The father and son team of Charlie and Jesse Marks have been hard at work stabilizing and repairing our New York Central wooden caboose. One end has been repaired and primed.

We’re always busy through the fall and winter at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum! We welcome anyone
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