This is the type of Saturday all Rochesterians wait for after a long winter. A nice warm Saturday with clear blue skies and the mercury crossing the 60 degree threshold. The volunteers at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum celebrated this weather by firing up our two GE 80-tonners and heading to the NYMT to fetch our New York Central PS-1 50-ton flat car since it has several pre-assembled track panels we are going to need to get started on our Restoration Building lead. Here are some pictures of the switching activities.

EK6 departs Industry yard showing Penn Central transfer caboose #18526.

R&GVRR #1654 followed EK6 on signal indications.

#6 and #1654 have joined forces at the loop switch at NYMT. You can see the poles planted for extension of the trolley wire at NYMT.

WIth PC18526 parked on the east side of the loop waiting for the work to be done, #1654 pushes with #6 to get hooked up with NYC 506102.

Waiting to head out of the siding with the NYC flatcar.

Back on the main and headed to hook back up with Penn Central #18526.

Making the hitch with Penn Central #18526.

With our miniature freight hooked up, air needs to be built up in the brake system before heading south to the R&GV Railroad Museum.

Brakes are being tested and then the train departed south for more switching at the R&GV Railroad Museum.