The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum rosters a small Plymouth gas-mechanical Model BL locomotive. This locomotive was donated to the museum several years back in derelict condition; not having run in many years. At the heart of the little loco was a rather large 4 cylinder Buda gasoline engine. Seized, missing parts and full of rust, the Buda engine looked like a basket case. Over the past two years, a few volunteers from the R&GV RR Museum have rebuilt, remanufactured, recreated and on Jan 4th started the re-assembly of the engine in preparation for what we hope is future operation and the complete restoration of the Plymouth BL. So here are some pics of the re-assembly that took place on January 4th. Enjoy and look for more to come. And kudos to the R&GV RR Museum volunteers who have made what looked like the impossible, possible!
The engine still carries its original builder’s tag with model and serial numbers.

The engine block is brought into the R&GV RR Museum’s Restoration Building after having one bore sleeved at a local engine shop and then completely re-worked in one of the R&GV RR Museum’s volunteer’s home shop.

The block sits next to the lower portion of the engine.

The block is mated back to the engine.

A few hours later, we see the engine really taking shape with auxiliaries installed and the pistons being reinstalled.

The end of a great day’s work as new nuts are installed to hold the just installed head on to the top of the engine.