Trackmobile on the go… One of the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum’s Trackmobiles heads off to move the museum’s PRR N5C caboose #477822 back toward the restoration building. The caboose is located on the stub of Track #7 laid out of the west bay of the restoration building. Part of that track has been completed and the caboose needs to be pulled on to that completed section so the rest can be completed and hooked up.

Split personality… With its railroad wheels perpendicular to its road wheels, volunteer, Norm Shaddick, works to center the Trackmobile over the rails under the watchful eye of Bob Mader.

On to the rails… Centered, the Trackmobile lowers itself on to the rails. The tires will rise up into the wheel wells placing all of the weight on the railroad wheels.

Ready to roll… The Trackmobile’s tires are up and it is ready to head down track #7. Inside the building is the museum’s Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh caboose #280 that is under restoration along with the museum’s ALCO RS-1, Eastman Kodak Company #9, poking its nose out from alongside the building.

Hooked up and heading south… With the 477822 hooked up, the Trackmobile heads south toward the restoration building to allow this portion of Track #7 to be connected up, jacked, ballasted, leveled and tamped.

Prep for inspection… While others were out working on track, our Vulcan 0-4-0T, ex-Brooklyn Navy Yard #12, was receiving some attention in the restoration building. Volunteer, Pete Gores systematically cleans up small patches on the inside of #12’s firebox so the thickness can be checked with an ultrasonic thickness checker.

Checking thickness… Ron Amberger checks the thickness of the #12’s firebox from the outside based on spots already cleaned up to insure a good reading. These readings will allow the R&GV Railroad Museum to better understand what boiler work will be necessary to eventually return #12 to steam.