Trackwork and Track Cars – Track maintenance forces greet visitors as they arrive at Industry Yard at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum. The museums are open on Saturdays in July and August this year, giving visitors an opportunity to observe volunteers as they work on various projects.

Trackwork Completed! Well, work on another type of track has been completed. The track on our Bucyrus-Erie 20H hydraulic excavator has been reassembled bringing the unit closer to operation.

Plymouth Friction Drive Reassembled – Our Plymouth Model BL gas mechanical has had the flywheel portion of its friction drive system put back together after a thorough inspection and rebuilding. This end is where the 4 cylinder Buda gasoline engine is connected.

This image shows the flywheel end where a second drive wheel will run perpendicular to the flywheel shown here. The flywheel transfers power by friction to the perpendicular wheel which is connected to the locomotive’s wheels via a set of sprockets and chains.