Switching out the upper yard… With Diesel Days over, it was time to switch out the upper yard to setup some of the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum’s equipment for a final “nice weather” maintenance and restoration push through the rest of the summer and fall. Here we see the museum’s ALCO RS-1 #9 and ALCO RS-3m #211 on Track 8 with the museum’s PRR N-5C caboose on Track 7. Kodak #9 was running and ready to switch. Lehigh Valley #211 was being pulled off our Track 8 and headed for Track 7 to prep it for operation during the museum’s upcoming picnic on September 8.

80-tonners… R&GV #1654 backs out of Track 8 to head over to Track 7 to pick up 80-tonner, Eastman Kodak Company #6, which was going to be switched next to the museum’s restoration building for some running repairs.

Alco road switchers… Only three years apart in age, Lehigh Valley #211 waits to be switched while Eastman Kodak Company #9 idles in the background. Visible just inside the museum’s restoration building is Plymouth Model BL #1.

Easing on to Track 7… Under the watchful eye of brakeman, Luther Brefo, #211 is shoved on to track #7 past Nickel Plate Road ALCO S-4 #79 by #1654 which has EK#6 in tow as well.

Waiting to go… Kodak #9 waits on Track 8 for its switching assignment while #1654 works the upper yard and US Army #1843 heads toward the upper yard from the Industry yard.

PRR lineup… The R&GVRRM’s PRR N-5C caboose #477822 is shoved further south on Track 7. On Track 6 next to the caboose is the museum’s former PRR RPO car. Both cars are slated for restoration back to their traditional PRR colors as shop time allows.

Three abreast… With Eastman Kodak #9 having pulling NKP #79 from Track 6 and placed it on Track 8 for some repairs, #1843 has now taken the lead on switching as it prepares to pull five cars from Track 6 to allow Eastman Kodak Company #6 to be placed on Track 6 next to the restoration building.