Part of our work on our demonstration railroad is to create a working signal system that demonstrates a wide variety of signal types which were used on the railroads that served Rochester. Currently, we have several dwarf signals, a semaphore to guard our hill block and two sets of signals around Track #6 which is at the top of the hill out of Industry yard. For the July Rochester Chapter NRHS meeting held at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum, our signal department got some of our signals lit up for the night. Currently, the signal system is awaiting power installation which is part of our Restoration Building project so they are run temporarily off of batteries. Want to learn more about railroad signal systems? Come on out to the museum some weekend!

Our semaphore guards access to our “Hill” block.

A close-up of the semaphore mechanism which was recently repainted.

Out of the cab of Eastman Kodak Company #9, the signal shows red over red, so we stop with our train (consisting of MDT 12549 and PC 18526) to get permission past the stop signal.

A closer view showing the red over red indication on this former Erie Railroad signal.