Summer meeting time… For June, July and August, the Rochester Chapter NRHS holds its general membership meeting at its Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum. The evenings usually feature a variety of operations of the museum’s equipment on the museum’s demonstration railroad. June was no exception as the R&GVRRM operated several trains. Here the first train of the night climbs out of Industry yard past the operating semaphore signal with R&GVRR #1654 and Erie C254.

Out of the new yard… The second train of the night originated from a different and new location. USA #1843 departs from track #8 in the R&GVRRM’s new restoration building yard which had been completed only a few weeks earlier.

Out of the new yard… #1843 passes ex-Eastman Kodak Company #6 which sits at the head of track #7 in the new yard.

Up the grade… The R&GVRRM has some unique operating challenges which include short grades of greater than 4% in some places. In this telephoto view, we see #1843 pulling up the hill out of Industry yard with NKP #79 in tow on one of the many rides offered during the June Rochester Chapter NRHS meeting.

Time for a tour and something new! Instead of going by foot or rubber tired vehicle, the R&GVRRM’s restoration building is new accessible by rail! One of the evening’s trains has backed up track #8 for a tour of the building and a little operation of the museum’s restored Plymouth BL gas-mechanical locomotive. As part of the yard construction, the panel track that has held the Plymouth captive in the building for greater than 7 years was connected to the new yard trackage finally allowing the BL full access to the museum’s railroad.

Thanks Kevin! After a successful run of the Plymouth BL, Kevin Klees, Lead Restorer and BL Project Manager, poses with #1 inside the R&GVRRM’s restoration building.

Out on the line… After touring the restoration building, both trains headed north on the museum’s demonstration railroad for a longer ride. Here R&GVRR #1654 waits for passengers to change from locomotive to caboose or visa versa if they wanted.

Out on the line… To save a switching move, USA #1843 has picked up NKP #79 from Industry yard and will deliver it to the new restoration building yard at the end of the meeting. Here #79 waits at milepost 0.8 on the museum’s railroad. These nice milepost signs were installed as part of one of several Eagle Scout projects the R&GVRRM has sponsored. We always welcome new Eagle project proposals. Have one? Please drop us an email.

Fun for young and old… One of the best parts of the summer Rochester Chapter NRHS meeting is that Chapter members and guests can share the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum and its operations with their families as we see this young man awaiting departure and a ride in the cupola of Erie C254.