On Tuesday evening, June 29th, ex-Rochester Gas & Electric GE 45-tonner #1941 took another step in its restoration.   With new cab window glass being professionally installed in just under two weeks, the raw window openings needed to be finish painted.   Additionally, the radiator grill openings also needed to be finish painted to allow the radiator grills to be reinstalled prior to finish painting.    Both the paint work and the window work are being supported in part or in whole by grants from the Amherst Railway Society.  The R&GVRRM would like to thank them for their continued support of railroad preservation!

#1941 waits for paint south of the museum’s restoration shop.
 #1941 late in the evening after the window openings and radiator shutter openings have been finish painted.
 Close-up of the completed radiator shutter opening along with the freshly painted radiator.
In addition to the work on the engine, the the headlights were also finish painted as part of their rehabilitation for eventual reinstall into the engine.
Headlights before (left) and after (right) painting with Brewster Green.