It has been a little while since we have visited the progress on NYC #2567.   The work has continued in earnest although the visibility has decreased since the work is more around the details of completing the lower walls, completing the new trim, and beginning to prep for paint.   Many new holes had to be drilled and tapped into the stainless steel super structure to hold the lower edge of the new lower walls and some of the new trim.   Additionally, all of the seat frames were removed the car to improve access for painting and to allow for the floor to eventually be refinished.   Here are a few images from around the car with the seats removed so all of the progress can be seen.

Looking north from the south end at the restoration progress including the start of sanding and paint prep on the upper walls on the left hand side of the image.
 Where we were on March 9, 2009 with one wall removed and the other original wall yet to be removed along with all of the seats and frames still in the car.
 Views down each of the new walls.
 Another view looking from south to north.
Switching around… Now looking from north to south.