For the past few weeks, members of the museum have been very busy working on completing the mechanical and cosmetic restoration of ex-Rochester Gas & Electric GE 45-ton locomotive #1941 prior to its 70th birthday in August 2011.   The mechanical work is done and the engine was test run on July 2, 2011.

In the following week, the paint work has continued in earnest.   Many parts of the engine were removed to simplify the mechanical work and to allow for the parts to be prepped and painted like the switching steps that affix to the ends of the locomotive.    All of the engine hood doors and covers were also painted. 

With the parts with their initial coats of paint, they were reinstalled on the locomotive during the Saturday, July 9th work session.   Now back together, the finish painting can start on the locomotive in the coming week.
Please stay tuned for more updates on our paint progress on the #1941 as we strive to complete it for its 70th birthday in August and for our Diesel Day special event on August 21st.
The R&GVRRM would also like to again thank the Amherst Railway Society for their $550.00 grant that is paying a portion of the $1750.00 expended to date for the 1941’s cosmetic restoration.    The museum would also welcome donations to offset the portion of the cost of restoring the #1941 not covered by the grant.   Donate via PayPal or send a check to the address included on the right hand column of the R&GVRRM’s Support page on its website.  
Thank you!