The R&GVRRM is pleased to report that we have reached two more milestones on the interior restoration of ex-New York Central Empire State Express coach #2567.   First we have completed the installation of all of the lower wall panels and have secured them both on the top and on the bottom.

Looking from south to north at the completed lower wall replacement on NYC #2567.
We are now working on completing the new trim and window sills, and we are nearly 80% complete with that part of the project.   Once some additional small repairs are made to the upper walls, we will start to prep and perform a complete interior repaint before we reinstall our newly re-upholstered seats completing the interior.
As for our second milestone achieved, all of this work on the car’s interior has been funded from our Partners in Panels fundraiser.   We are pleased to also report that we have reached and surpassed our fundraising goal with seventeen panels sponsored when we need just sixteen!

We want to thank everyone that donated to support the interior restoration of the #2567.   As you can see, your donations are allowing us to make great progress on the car.  

Planning on donating to the project, but didn’t get the chance?    We will be launching two new fundraisers very soon or we welcome additional support for the continued restoration of our entire Empire State Express train set, our online donation link and our mailing address can be found here.

Thanks again!